About Sveaborg Historical Society

The Sveaborg Historical Society’s aim is to become, one of Finland’s important cultural institutions,which is dedicated to researching, presenting history and art exhibitions, and public programs that reveal the dynamism of history and its influence on country’s history today.


The purpose of the Sveaborg Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge of the history of the Suomenlinna which was formerly the Sveaborg; to hold, and aid in the preservation of, historic buildings and sites in the area; to care for, and from time to time, exhibit such articles of historic or antiquarian interest as may come into its possession.

The Society is a non-profit organisation that depends on gifts, membership revenues, volunteers, grants, and other earned revenues such as admission and guided tour fees.


For additional information about Sveaborg Sea Fortress's history - its people, its architecture, its businesses, its institutions - visit guided tours and special events organised by the Sveaborg Historical Society.

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